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High Frequency in Oklahoma

High Frequency

High-frequency technology generates a gentle and secure electrical current with oscillating oxygenating power. This rapid oscillation produces warmth, effectively toning the skin. Skin professionals utilize high-frequency skin care treatments to address and prevent persistent acne, restore enlarged pores to their original state, diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, alleviate puffiness around the eyes, revitalize the condition of the beard and scalp, and promote healthier hair growth by nourishing hair follicles.

In the realm of anti-aging, high-frequency treatments stimulate cell renewal, enhance circulation to boost collagen production, and facilitate the penetration and absorption of skincare products. When dealing with acne and congested skin, the application of high-frequency current kills bacteria and reduces inflammation, effectively treating existing acne and thwarting the onset of new breakouts.

A young woman getting a high-frequency facial
UltraDerm Aesthetics utilizes the most technologically advanced and powerful tools and skincare products to deliver amazing results without surgery.
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